Heated Shiatsu Roller Massager

Heated Shiatsu Roller Massager

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  • Adjustable intensity: 3 speeds 
  • Built-in heat function
  • 8 massage nodes to relieve muscle tightness.
  • Safety feature: automatic shut-off after 15 minutes
  • 3D rotation kneading
  • Ergonomic u-shape design to fit almost any body part
  • Flexible straps to control pressure
  • Premium PU leather `- Easily cleaned by wiping the surface down
  • Mesh Fabric – Breathable mesh fabric promotes heat penetration and allows flexible mobility of massage nodes.


Multipurpose Use:

  • Shoulders and neck – Repetitive motion or immobility may cause neck and shoulder pain. An upper back massager with heat may help relieve the tension in that area and reduce migraines.
  • Lower Back – back muscles can become very tense due to overuse or repetitive use during a rigorous workout or sitting at a desk all day long. Massage may help relieve some of that pain.
  • Full-body Relaxation